Netta V-Day print

I wanted to post this up for a while now and wanted to show you guys some of my work that doesn’t have jiggly parts in it.

As the title says, it was a Valentine’s Day that I gave to my girl this past V-day. I know, It’s been a while, but that’s not the point of this post. The point is that I wanted to share this work with other people that aren’t fortunate enough to have this print hanging in their office.

This is  a portrait of her drawn from a photo and then done up in Illustrator. It came out surprisingly accurate in terms of allowing her presence to come through.  Her hair, however, is not what I wanted when I first set out to create this piece. As you can see in the image below, I wanted objects to be intermingled in her hair, but I quickly realized that idea wasn’t going to work in the time that I had. In the second pic was something that I desperately tried to pull off, but was unsuccessful. I wanted to create curves similar to what James White aka Signalnoise had made for and experiment/study. Check those out here.  Again, it didn’t come out the way I wanted, but I think this works in its own way.

the first concept sketch done while at work, on their paper

The second, James White-ish concept

I think that’s something I’m learning more and more. Even if something doesn’t come out exactly how I saw it in my head, that doesn’t mean that it’s a failure.  Sometimes the best results are the ones that you never planned for. The second portrait that I’m working on is going much smoother because of me not holding on so tight.

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